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Internet Troubleshooting

I can’t get a connection:
Check that all cables are attached correctly and that your computer and router are switched on
If you’re using a wireless connection, try a wired connection instead to isolate where the problem lies
Ensure that the WAN port of the router is connected to port 1 of the ONT.
Some laptops have a switch to turn the wireless connection off or on. Make sure this switch is set to ‘on’
Turn off both your computer and router. After a minute or so, turn them on and try again
Make sure you’ve entered the web address in your browser correctly. For example:
Check that the WLAN light is green. If there is no green light, press the WLAN button on the back of the
router. If the light turns green, you should be able to gain access to your WiFi service.
My connection is slow:
There are a number of factors outside of seethelight’s control that may affect the speed at which your
computer receives data:
Wireless networks are slower than a wired connection
Computer performance problems caused by old hardware or incompatible software Viruses or malware
slowing your PC down
The general internet is busy – the internet is a shared resource and speed is dependent on the number of
users online
The number of programs running on the computer such as peer-to-peer (P2P) software
The total amount of computers, games consoles or internet enabled devices sharing the internet
If you are experiencing a slower connection than expected or have no broadband connection at all, there are
things that you can check that may improve your connection speed to the internet.
Reboot your router and computer and any devices that you are trying to connect.
Make sure there are lights on your router, and that it’s switched on.
Check all the power cables are plugged in properly and it’s switched on at the mains.
Ensure that the WAN port of the router is connected to port 1 of the ONT.
There may be a network outage that is affecting your area. You can check for outages on www.seethelight.
co.uk or call our customer services on 02921 678 544 for advice on this.
To access the internet, you need a working phone line. If there is no dial tone or you cannot make an
outbound call, check our telephone user guide for help, or call us on 02921 678 545.
Ensure that your computer’s antivirus software is up to date and you regularly run a full virus scan.
Disable background programs such as file-sharing or peer-to-peer (P2P). These programs consume
the computer’s system resources and use your broadband bandwidth to upload and download files.
Empty the browser cache – the process is different depending on the browser you are using. For
Internet Explorer 8 go to Tools, Internet Options then click Delete. In the next window select Temporary
Internet Files and click Delete.
Wireless connections are susceptible to many environmental factors which can cause interference. This will
limit the speed of your wireless connection between your router and PC.
Internet User Guide, ZTE H298N
Last amended: 21/10/2014

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