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Best Wi-Fi Unlocker Internet Software

WiFi Unlocker probably the best Wi-Fi Unlocker internet based application available nowadays. It is the latest software to be released on the Internet and is completely free to download network-utility. You can utilize this software for auditing the security and/or for recovering passwords of wireless networks.

WiFi Unlocker is an Open Source application which supports Thomson and DLink routers along with Sky V1 router, and Eircom, Wlan, Jazztel and Ono support. It also features Infostrada WiFi support.

You can easily access locked networks after installing this simple application. The interface is very straightforward, clean and interactive as evident from the image below.

With help of its user-friendly features you can instantly connect to any of the WiFi networks available within your locality. WiFi Unlocker performs its task by searching for all the available wireless networks. If the number of networks is higher the searching process will be longer. As soon as a network gets recognized, you can initiate the management procedure. For instance, you can change the password after retrieving it so that you are able to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity. The additional benefit is that this application is compatible with a wide range of internet devices.

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