Wifi warden

WiFi Warden

By using this app, you can see frequency, channel, modem manufacturer, encryption, security,distance to the router, power, name and Mac address of wireless access points around you and show some information about connected devices to your network. In a word, this app is a WiFi analyzer with extra features. With the ability to test WPS vulnerability and connect with WPS Default Pin Generator  *(No need to root on android 5 and later , need root on android 4.4 and earlier)*A major security flaw was revealed in December 2011 that affects wireless routers with the WPS PIN feature, which most recent models have enabled by default. The flaw allows a remote attacker to recover the WPS PIN . Boost your router security with this app !Other features: Password maker (create strong passwords) , Password recovery (see saved WiFi passwords — requires root and BusyBox), WiFi channel scanner ,WiFi increased security guideline.+ All Features:- Connect with WPS Default Pin Generator (At least 11 PINs displayed)- WiFi analyzer (channel, Distance to the router, router manufacturer, encryption…)- Connection using passphrase- Password maker (Create strong passwords)- Password recovery (See saved WiFi passwords — requires root)- WiFi channel scanner — Show connected devices to your network (Show name, mac, vendor, IP, count)- WiFi increased security guidelines.+ Requirements:* Connection using WPS needs root on android 4.4 and earlier. no need root on android 5 and later.* Password recovery needs root on all android versions.* In some devices you need to install BusyBox.This App Works on Android 4.0 And Later.+ Notice:* Connection using WPS doesn’t work at all routers, but Connection using passphrase works fine.** Don’t ask me to add more WPS PINs. If i find new WPS PIN, I will Put it in the future versions. if your router PIN is not available in the app, just look for it on your product label.Currently increased security guideline only available for Asus , TP-Link , D-Link and Zyxel routers.Distance to the router is calculated based on a Free-space path loss formula. This number is approximate.* In-app purchases it’s only for removing ads, The app does not sell anything. All features are available for free.* Some of the tools of this application (Specially WPS Connection) has been developed for Testing and Educational purposes. Use it at your own risk. The developer of this app will not accept any responsibility.

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