Iptv player для samsung smart tv

Playlist Instructions

M3U IPTV playlists are supported, but it’s more convenient to use the appropriate playlist format (TXT).

First, take a look at the following playlist examples below to get the idea about the playlist structure.

M3U playlist example: http://siptv.app/lists/example.m3uTXT playlist example: http://siptv.app/lists/example.txt (old method)

Using M3U playlist format (.m3u file extension)


  • tvg-id — channel code from EPG code table
  • tvg-name — channel name from EPG code table
  • group-title — channel group
  • parent-code — group parent code
  • audio-track — ISO 639-1 audio track code (LG only, see codes table)
  • tvg-logo — path to the big channel logo, minimum height should be 48px
  • tvg-logo-small — path to the small square channel logo, min height should be 48px (works in the latest app versions only)
  • timeshift, tvg-rec — for specific channel

Example channel line:
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id=»Be1.be» tvg-name=»Be1 Alt» group-title=»News» parent-code=»1234″ audio-track=»nl»,Be1 Name

Using TXT playlist format (.txt file extension) (old method, not recommended)

1. Add your own channels to TXT playlist as shown in the playlist example. You can also use M3U to TXT converter.

TXT file structure:
group,Common,1234EPGcode,Channel Name,http://channel.stream.address,en,1
avi,Video File,http://video.file.address.mkv

EPG Codes page»EPGcode»»ext»»en»»1″»avi»»1234″Important!.txtUTF-8

Adding multiple external playlists

It’s possible to add several external playlists (TXT and M3U). You can add up to 10 playlists, but please note that the more playlists there are, the longer it will take them to upload and start the app accordingly.

If you need to combine your local playlist with an external ones, select the file and add external URL together.

Adding DVB channels to IPTV list

Channel address is assigned by dvbt-, dvbc- or dvbs- (dvbt — for Antenna channels, dvbc — for Cable channels, dvbs- for Satellite channels) and an actual number in the list of DVB channels.

If you add the EPG code from the list of codes, it will be taken from the server, otherwise if you add ext, the EPG will be taken from the TV input source.

The Red button (REC on Samsung) still takes you to your current input source (HDMI, DVB etc.) and back to IPTV channel.

Enigma2 STB list converter

On the playlist converter page you will now find an Enigma2 based satellite receiver playlist converter to the Smart IPTV app format, which will convert E2 Bouquets to Groups and assign EPG code automatically.

To convert your E2 playlist, the contents of /etc/enigma2/ directory of your E2 STB box will need to be put to Zip archive together with stream IP address and port number input in the form. You should then recheck the EPG codes according to the channel names or assign them manually.

Network video/audio player

Examples of lines in TXT playlist:

avi,Video pro Zajchika,http://www.quirksmode.org/html5/videos/big_buck_bunny.mp4avi,Music 1,http://siptv.eu/temp/malandra.mp3

If you can’t play certain file, it’s format is probably not supported by your TV.

Adding Youtube and Vkontakte video links

Youtube Link Examples:

avi,LG Web OS 1,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6_SvQFQRHY
avi,LG Web OS 2,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6_SvQFQRHY

Vkontakte Link Examples:

avi,Kinoshka VK,http://vk.com/video-53648169_168390899
avi,Super Clip,http://vk.com/video2409212_161721801

Youtube and Vkontakte playlist converter

On the converter page you can now convert Youtube and Vkontakte playlists to add to your playlist (TXT).

Youtube Channel and Playlist examples:


Vkontakte Playlist Examples:

http://vk.com/videos662013 (User)
http://vk.com/videos-53648169 (Group)
http://vk.com/videos-53648169?section=album_52241174 (Group + Album)

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