Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver Issues SOLVED

How to update Windows 10 Bluetooth driver

Here are 3 ways you can update your Bluetooth driver in Windows 10:

Option 1: Update Bluetooth driver automatically (Recommended) 

Driver Easywill automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. You don’t need to know exactly what system your computer is running, you don’t need to risk downloading and installing the wrong driver, and you don’t need to worry about making a mistake when installing. Driver Easy handles it all.

You can update your drivers automatically with either the or the Pro version of Driver Easy. But with the Pro version it takes just 2 clicks (and you get full support and a 30-day money back guarantee):

2) Run Driver Easy and click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers.  

3) Click Update All to automatically download and install the correct version of ALL the drivers that are missing or out of date on your system (this requires the Pro version – you’ll be prompted to upgrade when you click Update All).

You can also click Update to do it for free if you like, but it’s partly manual.

4) Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Option 2: Update Bluetooth driver via Device Manager

Device Manager is surely a quick way to update our Bluetooth driver since our Windows system automatically detects what Bluetooth driver we’re using and helps us find one available. But there’s one niggle: it doesn’t necessarily have the latest version available. Still, let’s give it a go:

  1. On your keyboard, pressthe Windows logo key andRat the same time, then copy & paste devmgmt.msc into the box and clickOK.
  2.  Locate and double-click on Bluetooth. And you can see the manufacturer from the name of your Bluetooth (in my case, Bluetooth).
  3.  Right-click on the Bluetooth and click Update driver. 
  4. Click Search automatically for updated driver software. 
  5. Your Windows will try its best to find the latest Bluetooth driver available for your computer. Then wait a bit and see if you’re provided with a driver update:
    • If yes, follow the on-screen instructions, skip step 6 and restart your computer to finish the update process.
    • If no, proceed with step 6).
  6. You see the following result.

    The message isn’t always true since Windows can be slow in keeping up with manufacturer’s driver releases. You might have to check out other methods to have the latest driver installed.

Option 3: Update Bluetooth driver manually

Downloading the wrong driver or installing it incorrectly can compromise our PC’s stability and even cause the whole system to crash. So please proceed at your own peril.

Steps 1-2 are to figure out what Bluetooth your computer is using. If you already know, start with Step 3.

  1. On your keyboard, pressthe Windows logo key andRat the same time, then copy & paste devmgmt.msc into the box and clickOK.
  2.  Locate and double-click on Bluetooth and you can see the manufacturer from the name of your Bluetooth (in my case, Bluetooth).
  3. Go to the manufacturer’s website, check out the Support section for driver downloads.
  4. Find out and click the right download link for your variant of Windows operating system. Usually a few download options will be listed but you might want to click the firstresult for the latest driver version.
  5. Double-click on the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the install.
  6. Restart your computer for changes to take effect. 

That’s it – 3 methods to update your Windows 10 Bluetooth driver. Hope this helps and feel free to comment below if you have any further questions. 

Why You Need to Install or Update Bluetooth Driver on Your Windows PC

It’s recommended to update to the latest Bluetooth driver or download the best-matched driver for the Bluetooth. You may encounter lots of problems with Bluetooth on your computer when the driver is corrupted, outdated, incompatible, missing, broken, and you may get the Bluetooth driver errors like:

  • Bluetooth device not fond. Please verify that your Bluetooth device is properly connected and turn on.

  • This Bluetooth device is not configured correctly.

  • Bluetooth not working on windows 10.

  • Bluetooth driver not showing in device manager, or no Bluetooth in Device Manager.

  • This device cannot start.

  • No Bluetooth connection on computer.

The only workable way to fix these Bluetooth errors is to download the compatible and specific driver for the Bluetooth device.

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Поиск доступных устройств Bluetooth

Для того чтобы найти какие-либо подключения, к примеру, телефон или мышку, поддерживающую такую технологию подключения, нам потребуется вернуться в меню «Изменение параметров компьютера». Только на этот раз нас интересует пункт «Компьютер и устройства». В появившемся окне можно включать и выключать модуль. Кроме этого, система автоматически выполняет поиск доступных подключений.

После этого компьютер предложит вам список, из которого просто выберите нужный аппарат. Дальше следуйте подсказкам на экране. Стоит отметить, что на подключаемом устройстве также должен быть включен Bluetooth. Если речь идет о смартфоне, то помимо самого модуля еще необходимо включить «Обнаружение».

Что делать, если вы выполнили все вышеуказанные действия, а адаптер не заработал? Это говорит о том, что на компьютере не установлены соответствующие драйвера.

Microsoft BLUETOOTH для Windows XP x64, Windows 2003 x64

USB Bluetooth Device


USB Bluetooth Wireless Adapter


PCSBU Host Controller


TOSHIBA Integrated Bluetooth


HP Integrated Bluetooth module


Bluetooth Radio


CSR Nanosira WHQL Reference Radio


Microsoft Wireless Transceiver for Bluetooth 2.0


IBM Integrated Bluetooth III


TOSHIBA Integrated Bluetooth 3


TDK Bluetooth USB Adaptor


Personal Area Network Service


Public Browse Group Service


CSR Nanosira


MSI Bluetooth Device


IrMC Sync Service


Zeevo Bluetooth Solution


IBM Integrated Bluetooth IV


TOSHIBA Bluetooth Adapter


GVC Bluetooth Wireless Adapter


Obex File Transfer Service


AV Remote Target Service


Device Identification Service


Alps Bluetooth USB Adapter


IBM Integrated Bluetooth II


Fax Service


ThinkPad Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate


Bluetooth Device


FIC Bluetooth Wireless Adapter


Headset Audio Gateway Service


Browse Group Service


IRMC Sync Command Service


TOSHIBA Bluetooth adapter


Service Discovery Service


Dell Wireless Bluetooth Module


Dell TrueMobile Bluetooth Module


Microsoft Wireless Transceiver for Bluetooth


Belkin Bluetooth Adapter


Microsoft Bluetooth Transport Extensibility Miniport Driver


ALPS Integrated Bluetooth Device


Sony Bluetooth USB Adapter


Microsoft Wireless Transceiver for Bluetooth v3.0


CSR Nanosira-Multimedia


Sim Access Service


Handsfree Audio Gateway Service


Dell Truemobile 355 Bluetooth + EDR


Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator


CSR Nanosira-Multimedia WHQL Reference Radio


Phonebook Access Pce Service


Generic Bluetooth Radio


How to Free Download, Update Bluetooth Driver for Windows 108.187XPVista

We don’t recommend you to update Bluetooth driver via Device Manager, because there are many problems that will bother you a lot, such as it’s time consuming (it even takes you several hours or the whole day), it always can’t find the best-matched drivers, and it can’t solve all the driver errors that are mentioned above.

As far as we search, Bluetooth drivers update software or installers can do much help. Those tools can scan and identify all the drivers that are incompatible, outdated, missing, broken, corrupted, and quickly download, install the best-matched Bluetooth drivers for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP.

Driver Talent (formerly called DriveTheLife) is such an outstanding Bluetooth driver download tool. It is totally free and it can download the best suitable Bluetooth drivers in a few seconds to a few minutes, with all desktop or laptop brands supported, including Dell, Acer, Asus, HP, ThinkPad, Toshiba, IBM, Sony, Lenovo and more. And it supports all Bluetooth versions, like Bluetooth v 4.0, v2.1 with EDR*, V2.0 with EDR*, v2.0, v1.1 and more.

Editor’s Note: DriveTheLife has been updated to the new version called Driver Talent with a fresh new look.

This tool is very easy to use:

Step1. Download and install Driver Talent on your computer.

Step 2. Run it to scan your computer to identify all driver problems.

Step 3. After scan, you can download the best Bluetooth driver specific, or you can update to the latest one. If it’s corrupted, missing, damaged or incompatible, click «Repair» to fix it.

All the driver are official or WHQL versions for Windows OS, ether 64-bit or 32-bit, including the Asus BP1AF Atheros Bluetooth driver, E2KM1l-DELUXE Bluetooth driver, USB-BT400 Bluetooth Controller driver, Bluetooth Adapter driver, Bluetooth v2.1 USB Adapter driver, Asus Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Bluetooth Driver, Atheros Bluetooth driver, AzureWave Bluetooth driver, Alps Bluetooth usb adapter Windows 7, Atheros bluetooth Windows 10, Bluetooth driver download for Windows 8, Bluetooth driver for HP Windows10 64bit, Generic bluetooth adapter driver Windows 8, and so on.

If you have any questions on Bluetooth driver download, you can drop a line below or click the LEFT MENU on this page for help. You can get more Windows drivers update or Bluetooth solutions here.

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Generic Bluetooth Adapter


August 2019


July 2019


June 2019


May 2019


April 2019


March 2019



unknown device

Hardware IDs:

  • USB\VID_413C&PID_8140
  • USB\VID_413C&PID_8140&REV_4315
  • USB\VID_413C&PID_8140&REV_4870

Known drivers

  Version Inf Date Size Download
6.0.1928.0 (181985) Inf #58213 6.0.1928.0 0 bytes Coming soon
6.0.1928.0 (236652) Inf #65679 6.0.1928.0 0 bytes Coming soon
5.0.1811.0 (246027) Inf #79204 5.0.1811.0 0 bytes Coming soon
5.0.1610.0 (248393) Inf #79952 5.0.1610.0 0 bytes Coming soon
6.0.1928.0 (273436) Inf #6150 6.0.1928.0 0 bytes Coming soon
8.1.1216.0 (283748) Inf #42817 8.1.1216.0 117.2 KB Download
6.0.2005.0 (294111) Inf #79377 6.0.2005.0 97.2 KB Download
8.1.1216.0 (331430) Inf #4131 8.1.1216.0 117.2 KB Download
5.0.1610.0 (338659) Inf #110598 5.0.1610.0 0 bytes Coming soon
6.0.2808.0 (354787) Inf #116067 6.0.2808.0 30.1 KB Coming soon
8.1.4222.0 (356687) Inf #116722 8.1.4222.0 134.4 KB Download
6.0.3607.0 (360282) Inf #67283 6.0.3607.0 0 bytes Coming soon
5.0.2518.0 (450539) Inf #148124 5.0.2518.0 0 bytes Coming soon
6.0.627.0 (378864) Inf #124266 6.0.627.0 0 bytes Coming soon
5.0.2518.0 (395437) Inf #129590 5.0.2518.0 0 bytes Coming soon
6.0.2005.0 (427917) Inf #52664 6.0.2005.0 97.2 KB Download
  Version Inf Date Size Download
6.1.7601.17889 (26143) Inf #1388 6.1.7601.17889 881.9 KB Download
6.1.7601.17889 (125031) Inf #38527 6.1.7601.17889 881.9 KB Download
6.1.7601.17889 (125545) Inf #38991 6.1.7601.17889 1.1 MB Coming soon
6.1.7600.16805 (70988) Inf #9151 6.1.7600.16805 572.9 KB Coming soon
6.1.7601.17889 (24886) Inf #1430 6.1.7601.17889 1.1 MB Coming soon
6.1.7601.17607 (126991) Inf #40337 6.1.7601.17607 697.2 KB Download
6.1.7600.17058 (147001) Inf #45008 6.1.7600.17058 696.7 KB Download
6.1.7600.17058 (60807) Inf #5252 6.1.7600.17058 696.7 KB Download
6.1.7601.17889 (125554) Inf #39717 6.1.7601.17889 697.2 KB Coming soon
6.3.9600.16523 (134153) Inf #29855 6.3.9600.16523 1.8 MB Download
6.1.7600.16385 (103244) Inf #1818 6.1.7600.16385 694.7 KB Coming soon
6.1.7601.17514 (28321) Inf #1731 6.1.7601.17514 1.1 MB Coming soon
6.1.7601.17514 (127121) Inf #39690 6.1.7601.17514 790.3 KB Coming soon
6.1.7601.17514 (30727) Inf #1853 6.1.7601.17514 881.4 KB Coming soon
6.1.7601.17514 (125852) Inf #39856 6.1.7601.17514 696.7 KB Download
6.1.7601.17889 (212501) Inf #54621 6.1.7601.17889 697.2 KB Download
6.1.7601.17514 (131886) Inf #39013 6.1.7601.17514 1.5 MB Download
6.1.7600.16385 (129518) Inf #38784 6.1.7600.16385 694.7 KB Coming soon
6.1.7601.17514 (329166) Inf #48661 6.1.7601.17514 881.4 KB Download
6.3.9600.17415 (413819) Inf #118643 6.3.9600.17415 1.3 MB Download
  Version Inf Date Size Download (274201) Inf #88837 1.9 MB Coming soon (262979) Inf #84997 500.0 KB Coming soon (281480) Inf #91265 670.0 KB Download (432657) Inf #141712 669.5 KB Download (437191) Inf #143393 670.0 KB Download
  Version Inf Date Size Download (258394) Inf #83464 0 bytes Coming soon (507625) Inf #167481 152.1 KB Download (324705) Inf #105999 152.1 KB Download (436248) Inf #41776 152.1 KB Download
  Version Inf Date Size Download
6.1.7601.17607 (18410) Inf #2041 6.1.7601.17607 697.2 KB Coming soon
  Version Inf Date Size Download (471394) Inf #89682 20.2 KB Coming soon (237466) Inf #61649 572.4 KB Download (428218) Inf #127754 536.6 KB Coming soon (430242) Inf #10875 413.2 KB Download

Featured hardware by this manufacturer (see all):
Dell QuietKey Keyboard

Dell USB Keyboard

Dell USB Keyboard

Dell USB Entry Keyboard

Dell USB Optical Mouse

Dell Multimedia Pro Keyboard

Whats A Bluetooth Driver

Encounter the Bluetooth driver error in Windows 10? Can’t connect to Bluetooth on Windows? Want to download Bluetooth drivers for Windows 8 or 7 64-bit? Come across Bluetooth not available issue? Don’t know how to get a workable Bluetooth driver for your device? Just like other drivers for hardware, a Bluetooth driver is the only software that allows the Windows OS to communicate with a Bluetooth device and vice-versa. Thus, the Bluetooth, as a wireless technology, and the Bluetooth hardware will work properly.

The most common Bluetooth device drivers are for ALPS integrated Bluetooth device, Belkin Bluetooth adapter, Generic Bluetooth radio, ALPS Bluetooth USB adapter, Blutonium BCM2035 bluetooth 2.4 GHz Single Chip transceiver, IBM integrated Bluetooth II, USB Bluetooth device, CSR Nanosira, GVC Bluetooth Wireless adapter, FIC Bluetooth wireless adapter – you name it.

And the Windows operation systems that include in-box support for Bluetooth wireless technology are Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP with Server Pack 2 (SP2) and later. If you have got Windows 10 Update on your computer and the Bluetooth doesn’t work, fix it with the solutions in Windows 10 Drivers.

How to Fix Generic Bluetooth Adapter Driver on Windows 10

Accordingly, in this post, you are mainly to fix the Bluetooth driver problems by uninstalling and then updating it to make it compatible with Windows 10.

Solution 1: Uninstall the Generic Bluetooth Adapter in Device Manager

The first thing you need to do is to remove or uninstall the Generic Bluetooth Adapter from your PC. May it can help you fix this Bluetooth problem on Windows 10.

You can complete this task in device manager.

1. Go to Device Manager.

2. Expand Bluetooth and then right click Generic Bluetooth Adapter to Uninstall device.

3. Confirm to Uninstall the Generic Bluetooth Adapter.

4. Then in Device Manager again, click Action and then Scan for hardware changes.

Windows 10 would automatically reinstall the Bluetooth device drivers for you. If it can find you the updated Bluetooth driver, the Generic Bluetooth adapter may be disappeared from your PC. And this Bluetooth driver issue would have also fixed.

However, once you failed to solve this error by reinstalling the Bluetooth drivers, you are supposed to try other ways.

Solution 2: Update the Bluetooth Drivers

You must make sure the Bluetooth device drivers are the most up-to-date, including Bluetooth mouse, speaker, Keyboard, and USB device.

If you can download or update these Bluetooth drivers for Windows 10, there will be no Generic Bluetooth Adapter in your PC.

In view of the complexity of downloading all the Bluetooth devices drivers from the manufacturer’s website, now you are strongly recommended to update these drivers by Driver Booster.

Driver Booster is a professional driver updating tool and it is reliable, too. In this case, you may as well try to take advantage of it to download all the latest Bluetooth drivers for Windows 10 in order to fix the Generic Bluetooth Adapter driver problem.

1. Download, install and run Driver Booster on your PC.

2. Click Scan.

Driver Booster would search for your PC for the corrupted or outdated drivers on your PC and would let you know what the drivers are you need to update for Windows 10.

3. Click Update or Update Now. You can choose to download all the updated drivers, including all the Bluetooth drivers.

At the moment you install the Bluetooth mouse or keyboard drivers on your PC, you can see again in device manager, the Generic Bluetooth Adapter missed.

Solution 3: Run Windows Update

It is possible that right after you upgraded to Windows 10 or the Fall Creators Update, the Generic Bluetooth Adapter shows in device manager rather than the real Bluetooth devices drivers.

Under this circumstance, no one can exclude the possibility that it is the new features on the Operating system that conflict with the Bluetooth device.

Check for Windows Update to see if it works to resolve the Generic Bluetooth Adapter driver issue on Windows 10.

1. Go to Start > Setting > Update & Security.

2. Under Windows Update, choose to Check for updates.

If there are any Windows updates on Windows 10, with this method, your computer would be installed with the new system with the new version.

On that basis, you can find the Bluetooth drivers are working well on Windows 10.

Above all, you would better manage to update the Bluetooth driver to solve your system detecting Generic Bluetooth Adapter error.

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Как включить Bluetooth на ноутбуке с Windows 8 Видео

Проверка драйвера

Как и любое другое оборудование, Bluetooth в Windows 8 требует установки драйверов. Проверить их наличие можно в диспетчере устройств. Открыть данный сервис можно несколькими способами, но мы сделаем это при помощи наиболее простого метода. Нажимаем комбинацию клавиш Win+R, в появившемся окне пишем такую команду — mmc devmgmt.msc и нажимаем «Enter».

Как включить Bluetooth на Windows 8 – это достаточно распространенный вопрос. Дело в том, что данная операционная система хоть и является максимально удобной, все же имеет сильные отличия от предыдущих версий, к которым уже так привыкли пользователи. Она имеет массу дополнительных сервисов и возможностей, упрощающих работу с компьютером, но, нужно знать, где все они находятся, в частности, система управления Bluetooth адаптером.

Прежде чем переходить к вопросу, как включить адаптер блютуз на компьютере с Виндовс 8, следует установить соответствующие драйвера.

Конечно, вы всегда можете скачать нужное ПО в интернете, но для этого вам нужно знать полное название и модель устройства.

После установки драйвера ваш компьютер с Windows 8 обнаружит новое оборудование. Адаптер Bluetooth будет отображаться в диспетчере устройств. Причем вы сможете увидеть его полное название и модель, а также дополнительную информацию. Чтобы открыть диспетчер оборудования, нужно нажать комбинацию клавиш Windows+R, в появившемся окне написать mmc devmgmt.msc
, и нажать «Enter». В открывшемся меню находим пункт «Сетевые адаптеры» и открываем его. Если драйвера установлены, то ваш Bluetooth будет отображаться здесь.

Как включить блютуз на Windows 8

Итак, где же в виндовс 8 находится блютуз? Все предельно просто. Включить его можно двумя способами:

  • Путем нажатия соответствующей клавиши на клавиатуре.
  • В параметрах компьютера.

Стоит отметить, что оба варианта не взаимозаменяемы. То есть, если вы выключили адаптер на клавиатуре, то в параметрах компьютера включить его не получится. Поэтому сначала выполняем первый пункт, а потом второй. В некоторых случаях второе действие делать не нужно, однако, в большинстве случаев все же необходимо.

Итак, как правило, кнопка для включения Bluetooth адаптера совмещена с WiFi модулем. Это означает, что если включена вай-фай связь, то работает и блютуз. Об этом сигнализирует соответствующий индикатор на корпусе ноутбука. Если речь идет о компьютере, то должен появиться значок Bluetooth в трее (нижний правый угол рабочего стола). Как правило, для включения нам потребуется зажать клавишу «Fn» и, не отпуская ее, нажать кнопку включения WiFi.

Здесь следуем такому пути «Компьютер и устройства Bluetooth». Как правило, здесь имеется бегунок, который следует перевести в положение «Вкл». Однако не пугайтесь, если его нет. Такое также встречается. Если вас интересует, как отключить Bluetooh адаптер в Windows 8, то это сделать можно простым нажатием соответствующей клавиши на клавиатуре. Но, как быть, если нам не нужно выключать WiFi связь?

В таком случае снова переходим в параметры ПК и отключаем устройство. Если такой функции нет, то можно открыть диспетчер устройств, найти свой блютуз и нажать на него правой кнопкой мышки. Далее, выбираете соответствующий пункт.

Как подключить компьютер к устройству по блютузу

Как подключить новое устройство по Bluetooth в Windows 8? После включения модуля на клавиатуре снова входим в параметры компьютера в настройки блютуза. Как это сделать вы уже знаете. Далее, переведете бегунок в положение «Вкл» система автоматически начнет поиск доступных устройств и предложит список. Вам же остается только выделить нужное подключение и нажать кнопку «Связать» (или «Подключить»). Далее, следуйте подсказкам на экране.

Generic Bluetooth Adapter Problem Overview

On Windows 10, Bluetooth errors are rather common. People often complain the Bluetooth devices, such as Bluetooth mouse, Bluetooth speaker and Bluetooth keyboard not detected or working on Windows 10.

Usually, once one or more these Bluetooth problems happen to you, the Bluetooth device driver would display itself as Windows Generic Bluetooth Adapter in device manager.

There are even some people who have just checked the Bluetooth driver status in Properties finding the code error 10 (This Device cannot start) with their Bluetooth devices.

Concerning this Windows Generic Bluetooth Adapter stopped by Windows 10 error, it has been proved the driver issue is mostly to blame.

As long as your Bluetooth device, such as the mouse, speaker or USB driver is outdated or corrupted on Windows 10, you device driver would be detected as Generic Bluetooth Adapter would appear rather than the manufacturer’s Bluetooth driver.

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