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  1. Q: If you encounter the error message «The image file is incomplete or not found», please check the following details.A: Whether the image path is still existing or not.
    Do you have full permission to access this path?
    If the problem persists after the 2 points above confirmed, we suggest you transfer the image file to a local hard disk, and then try to recover it.
  2. Q: Why does the system prompt more than one image file need to be deleted when I just delete one?A: If you have some incremental image file based on the one which you want to delete, then all the incremental image files will be deleted too, so it is correct.
  3. Q: Why cannot I change the destination path of scheduled backup to my CD/DVD burner?A: Sorry, our product cannot support invoking CD/DVD burner while you change the path of scheduled backup, if you initially set a CD/DVD burner for a scheduled backup, change it to other paths is not allowed either. We will improve it in next version.
  4. Q: Can I execute an incremental file backup without any full file backup created before?A: Sorry, incremental file backup must be based on full file backup, you need a success full file backup before you do the incremental file backup.
  5. Q: Can I create an incremental file backup if nothing has changed?A: Yes, this operation is allowed, but a full file backup is always in demand before an incremental backup.
  6. Q: Can I clone hidden partition or the partition without driver letter, or clone the hard disk with these two kinds of partitions?A: Yes, our product can support cloning these two kinds of partitions.
  7. Q: Why does the NTFS partition displayed as RAW after clone, and I cannot access it?A: We think your original NTFS partition is written protected, please cancel this attribute and then try again.
  8. Q: Why is there always a parent directory generated with same name as the image file after backup?A: We believe image files will be easy to identify and manage in their individual folder when you have a significant amount of image files.
  9. Q: Can I modify image name or move the image path under Windows explorer or with other tools?A: Please do not try to do the operations. In order to avoid any unexpected problem occurred, please try to make these changes in Backup management.
  10. Q: Why cannot I boot my computer anymore after I enable snapshot, and the computer freeze at «EaseUS Todo Backup Loader. Press ESC to launch EaseUS Todo Backup Loader»?A: This problem is caused by hardware incompatibility, to resolve it, press ESC to login WinPE environment when the words prompt, switch to Snapshot window, and then click Disable button to cancel this step when loading Windows.
  11. Q: Why my RAID/SCSI hard disks cannot be recognized under WinPE or Pre-OS?A: That is because our product doesn’t come with all kind of hardware drivers, so you need to add the driver manually. You can add the driver through Windows shell command under Home window or Device management under Tools in the special environment.
  12. Q: Why does the product get stuck and the icon keeps spinning for a long time when I want to view my disk or expand a directory?A: There may be some other device connected when you do the operations, our product will try to list all of them, so the running speed may be decreased. Please unplug these devices and reject your CD/DVD before you do the operation or wait longer.
  13. Q: Can I back up my operating system to a CD?A: Yes, our product can support this operation for now, but for a smooth recovery process, you’d better choose a local or external hard disk as the target to save images.
  14. Q: Can I use the feature «Snapshot» in a dual-boot or multiple-boot environment?A: Sorry, this feature is designed for single boot computers. It may fail to work in other complex operating system environment.
  15. Q: Why cannot I copy the required files out of the image when browsing it?A: Since Windows has a limitation, that the entire file path and the file name cannot be composed by more than 255 bytes in total. So if you have a file with a very long file name, you may need to copy it to a shorter path.
  16. Q: Where are my files after a smooth recovery process? I mean there are no errors in the process.A: You may try to display Windows hidden files and search again. Some files may just be hidden, since they originally have this attribute.
  17. Q: What can I do when I get the error «Cannot connect to remote computer»?A:To solve the problem, please check if:
  • Your network connection is working properly.
  • EaseUS Todo Backup service is working properly. (Right click ‘My Computer’/’Computer’ and choose Manage ->Services and Applications -> Services. You can find the service ‘EaseUs Agent’ in the right window.)
  • The IP address of the remote computer you input is correct.
  • Windows firewall or your own firewall program blocked the connection of EaseUS Todo Backup.

Install and Uninstall EaseUS Todo Backup

Install EaseUS Todo Backup

1. Double click EaseUS Todo Backup setup file. The setup wizard will appears click Next to start the installation.

2. Confirm License Agreement. If you accept the terms, select I accept the agreement to continue.

3. Select to install EaseUS Todo Backup, and determine whether to create a built-in account for EaseUS Todo Backup (If the computer needs to be managed by EaseUS Todo Backup Central Management Console, the option should be chosen)

4. Choose a location to install the software to the default folder, or Browse to select another location.

5. Tick the related option to create a shortcut on your desktop or Windows quick launch bar. Also you can tick them both.

6. Setup wizard asks for a system reboot to complete the installation.

Uninstall EaseUS Todo Backup

Select Start -> Settings -> Control panel -> Add or remove programs -> EaseUS Todo Backup -> Remove. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

If you use Windows Vista, select Start -> Control panel -> Programs and Features -> EaseUS Todo Backup -> Remove. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

If you use Windows 7, select Start -> Control Panel -> Uninstall a program -> EaseUS Todo Backup -> Uninstall. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

Select Start -> All Programs -> EaseUS Todo Backup -> Uninstall EaseUS Todo Backup. Then follow the instructions on the uninstall wizard.

You may have to reboot your computer afterwards to complete the task.


When first running Free or Trial version, there is a pop-up window. Select License code (25 characters serial number) and input the purchased code to activate it. Or click the question mark button in the top right corner of EaseUS Todo Backup main interface, then click Upgrade Now.

When the activation succeeded, user can choose Create Now to create WinPE emergency disk. It is necessary to create an emergency disk in case of system crashes.

In order to finish the activation, you need to restart EaseUS Todo Backup.

Offline activation

If there’s no network connection, program will enter offline activation window. Just follow the steps in the window and get the Activation Code to activate the software.

Upgrade activation

When upgrading to new big version (6.1 to 7.x for example), a new license code is required to replace the current one.

Click the question mark button in the top right corner of EaseUS Todo Backup main interface, then select About -> Enter/Replace license code to input the new license code.

  • The window will list license code and machine code at the same time.
  • Only the license code (serial number) of same edition can be replaced for upgrade. For example, the license code of Workstation Edition cannot be used to upgrade Server Edition.

What is Machine Code?

Machine Code can be found in the About window, which is the unique ID that used to identify the computer installed EaseUS Todo Backup.

The license code (serial number) of EaseUS Todo Backup will be bundled with the Machine Code. User needs to contact EaseUS Technical Support if the machine code is changed.

The Machine Code will be changed with changing Hardware or migrating to new computer.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home Review

First, download the trial version of EaseUS Todo Backup Home and install it on your Windows PC.

Once the installation is completed, launch the backup software. It should ask you for the license code before you can proceed. Enter the license code here and click on Activate now. Within moments, your activation should be successfully completed, and you will be able to have access to all of its features.

EaseUS Todo BackupHome version is a Windows 10 ready backup software with over 6 million users worldwide. Using its extremely streamlined and efficient UI, you can easily create a backup of your important data. It offers multiple backup options to diversify the functionality. You can store your backups in a different location in your computer, external computers existing on your network, any network-attached storage device and even cloud platforms like Google Drive, OneDrive or DropBox.

Here is is a rundown of the backup options and features included in this software.

Disk/Partition Backup

You can use this option to backup an entire disk, partition, dynamic volumes or GPT disks to an image file. You need not reboot your system for this task. It all keeps happening in the background while you can continue with your work. You can simply select your desired disk or partition that you want to backup, a destination location to save the backup, tag a name and description to the operation and hit Proceed to get done with it.

Additionally, you can customize the backup options like increasing the compression size (the higher the compression level, the longer time the backup takes to complete), set an encryption password, get notified via mail when the backup is completed, exclude certain files and programs, etc.

File Backup

If you have any security settings enabled on the file in question, you can choose to preserve these settings in backup as well. Also, you can configure the backup options just like mentioned in above method.

System Backup

This option helps you to create a system recovery point by backing up the current snapshot of the installed OS on your PC. If you use dual-boot to run two Operating Systems on your PC, this option will allow for only the current OS backup that you have installed this software on.

Disk Clone

If you want to migrate/copy all your data to a disk or partition to another without going through the hassle of reinstalling the operating system or applications, this tool is your savior. You can use this option to create a replica of any drive on your PC to some other drive or an unallocated space on the disk so that you can restore your data in case of some unfortunate events.

Other distinguished features of this tool are:

  1. Smart Backup: This feature will monitor the changes in files that you chose and automatically schedules the backup, allowing you to restore the data for past two weeks. You can use this feature for any important document that you are working on so that you never need to worry about your changes.
  2. Pre-OS: You can enable this feature to launch EaseUS Todo Backup before booting on to your Windows OS. It can then be used to restore or clone a disk/partition.
  3. Wipe Data: EaseUS Todo Backup tool comes with an option to wipe out all the data stored in a disk/partition. This option can come in handy when any drive is misbehaving due to data corruption, and you may want to wipe it out before it corrupts any important files on your PC.

Bottom Line

EaseUS Todo Backup utility provides everything that any good backup software should offer. Even so, there are some features which extend its functionality and puts it well ahead of the competitors. Scheduling the backups automatically lessens the burden on your part, and you can easily restore your data if anything goes wrong. With an all-in-one solution for Data backup and recovery, EaseUS Todo Backup integrates well with Windows 10 and provides the best blend of features for a home user that wants to create safe copies of their data.

Give it a shot and grab this unlimited deal to enjoy all the features that this tool has to offer! Let us know in the comments section if anything is not working out for you.

Unlimited Giveaway

Visit before 28th July 2016. Here you will get the download link as well as the license key.You will be required to connect with them on their social accounts. If you do not want to ‘Like’ their Facebook page, Follow them on Twitter, etc, you will have to wait for 60 seconds to be able to see the license code.

Once you note down the license code, enter it when asked for, and activate your product immediately. The license will cease to get activated after 28th July.

If you want your friends too, to take care of this offer, do share this post on your social accounts and help.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

— программа для резервного копирования, которой доверяют более 6 000 000 пользователей по всему миру.

Необходимость резервного копирования данных

Самое важное в компьютерной области это данные пользователя и уж тем более организации

На компьютере обычного домашнего пользователя хранятся:

  • Логины и пароли;
  • Почтовые переписки;
  • Фотографии и видео;
  • Важные документы по работе (могут содержать конфиденциальную информацию);
  • Исходные кода программ, музыки и др.

Представьте — вы годами бережно записывали семейные фотографии, стихи или разрабатываемые вами программы и в один момент ничего этого не стало… и возможности вернуть нет!

Чтобы быть уверенным в сохранности своих данных, как раз и нужна программа резервного копирования с такими продвинутыми функциями, как у «EaseUS Todo Backup» — например резервирование в облако.

Ключевые особенности EaseUS Todo Backup:

  • Бесплатно и надежно — надежными могут быть не только платные решения и EaseUS Todo Backup тому доказательство.
  • Просто и быстро — всего несколько кликов и ваши данные быстро будут надежно сохранены. + интуитивно понятный интерфейс программы и  разберется даже новичок;
  • Функциональность — бэкап в облаке, клонирование диска, Перенос и восстановление SSD и многое другое;
    Совместимость с всем семейством операционных систем Windows — 10/8/7/Vista/XP

Полный перечень модулей и функций EaseUS Todo Backup

Модуль резервное копирование:

  • Резервное копирование системы — Полная защита операционной системы. Если ваша виндовс полностью вышла из строя, восстановите ее работоспособную копию несколькими кликами;
  • Образы дисков / Резервное копирование по секторам — резервирование данных на уровне блоков и по секторам (создает полную копию диска). Позволяет быстро создавать полную копию всего диска или отдельных томов. Есть возможность сохранять только изменившиеся данные с последнего бекапа;
  • Резервное копирование файлов — резервное копирование отдельных файлов и папок;
  • Горячее резервное копирование — Интеграция с Microsoft Volume Shadow (VSS) для резервного копирования файлов, которые в данный момент используются, без необходимости закрытия файлов;
  • Полная резервная копия — все ваши данные, программы и операционная система;
  • Инкрементное / Дифференциальное  резервирование — сохраняйте только изменения с последнего резервного копирования;
  • Планировщик резервного копирования — настройте график резервного копирования — ежедневно, раз неделю, месяц и не о чем не беспокойтесь.

Модуль восстановление:

  • Восстановление операционной системы — Быстрое восстановление всей резервной копии системы Windows. Также возможно использовать загрузочный носитель Linux;
  • Выборочное восстановление файлов — восстановление отдельных файлов и папок из образа резервной копии файла без восстановления всего архива;
  • Перенос операционной системы — Быстрая, простая и безопасная миграция ОС на SSD без переустановки Windows;
  • Предварительная ОС — Если ваша windows не загружается, просто выберите EaseUS Todo Backup из меню загрузки, чтобы запустить Pre-OS, а затем восстановить систему.
  • Управление уровнем сжатия данных;
  • Разделение больших архивов на части;
  • 256 битное AES шифрование — вашу резервную копию никто не сможет прочесть кроме вас;
  • Создание аварийного диска — если ваша ОС не загружается, просто загрузитесь с аварийного диска восстановления и получите доступ к резервным данным, восстановите ОС и др.
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